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November 2013
Julian Littleford was one of the rare few people you meet in your life who can inspire you with their wisdom as well as with their heart. Ready to greet you with a warm hug and quick wit, Julian's zest for life was infectious. A former principal dancer with the Martha Graham Company, internationally-esteemed Pilates educator, devoted friend, and loving family man, Julian was a vibrant spirit. He was an insightful teacher and mentor to Pilates teachers all over the world, and brought a level of rigor and integrity to the work that made him one of the most sought-after educators in the field.

Julian died of cancer on August 31, 2013 at the young age of 53. In typical Julian style, he defied the odds and surpassed doctors expectations by not just surviving, but truly living - remarkably well - for more than two years after he was diagnosed. In the midst of grueling treatments, Julian continued to work, teach, and be a steadfast partner to the love of his life, Carol, and father to his beautiful children, Samantha and Tom. He never complained. He loved life.

Julian had survived a debilitating fight against cancer before in 1990. Despite doctors' prognoses that his cancer treatments would prevent him from ever having children, he and Carol were blessed with Samantha in 1996 and Thomas in 2001. His "miracle" children were sources of great joy for Julian and he honored what makes each of them who they uniquely are. He taught them life's lessons by example, demonstrating the rewards that come from working hard at what you love; practicing respect, kindness and honor toward others; and underscoring, every day, that love of family is paramount.

Long term illness takes a huge toll on a family. Please join us in donating to the Julian Littleford Family Fund to ease the financial burden for Julian's family. Click here to link to the donation page.

No amount is too small! You can also help support this effort by sharing this link with others.

Much love to each and every one of you from all of us.


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