Pilates Teacher Training

Requirements for Completion (New as of 2019)

  • Movement Principles module
  • All Mat, Reformer and Apparatus modules
  • Mat practical hours (70 hours total)
  • Reformer practical hours (150 hours total)
  • Comprehensive practical hours (150 hours total)
    - 35 Apparatus personal sessions
    - 20 observation hours
    - 95 student teaching hours
  • Anatomy

Total hours: 520 (not including anatomy)

Requirements for Completion (Pre-2019)

To become a fully qualified Balanced Body Education Pilates Instructor, students must complete the following requirements:
(Total hours for completion of Apparatus: 188 hours)
(Total hours for completion of full program: 488 hours)

  • Anatomy
  • BBU Mat Instructor training or equivalent
  • BBU Reformer Instructor training or equivalent
  • BBU Cadillac/Tower - Course work, written and practical test (18 hours)
  • BBU Chair - Course work, written and practical test (14 hours)
  • BBU Barrels - Course work, written and practical test (6 hours)
  • 45 Personal practice hours and 105 Teaching hours or
  • 35 Personal sessions, 20 observations hours and 95 teaching hours
  • Practical test
    (NOTE: Center of Balance offers student discount rates for students actively enrolled in the full teacher training program at Center of Balance)

Upon completion of all of the requirements, a certificate of completion as a Balanced Body University Pilates Instructor will be issued.

Students of other Pilates teacher trainings

Students who have completed their Mat or Reformer training through other organizations can take the Balanced Body curriculum and receive a certificate of completion from BBU. Students will need to provide proof of completion of a comparable Mat or Reformer program before being accepted by Balanced Body. Please contact the office for details and a list of approved organizations.

Reformer and Other Apparatus Final Exam

Once instructors have completed all of the Reformer and/or Apparatus course work and hours, they must pass a practical exam demonstrating their teaching ability. Exams will be regularly scheduled in different areas of the world. If instructors are not able to test out due to geographical challenges, testing out by video can be arranged. If a student is completing both the Reformer and the Apparatus sequence, they will not need to test out separately on the Reformer and the Apparatus.

The final test out consists of:

Observation of a session with a client or an apparatus class. The specific requirements will be determined prior to the testing. During the exam we will be observing and rating the instructor's skills in the following areas:

  • Correct set up and execution of the exercises
  • Client safety
  • Appropriate sequencing
  • Appropriateness of the exercises to the client or class
  • Understanding and application of the principles
  • Cueing and the ability to communicate with your client or class

If the instructor does not pass on the first try, we will discuss what they need to focus on in order to pass and set up a timeline for completion.

To schedule a final test out with Tom:

To set a test out date, you need to send in all your hours to BBU requesting a test out with Tom. Once we hear from BBU, we'll contact you about potential dates to schedule the test. Once we agree on a date, BBU will put a registration link on their website so you can register for the test out online. Once registered, we'll send you the practical portion of the test for you to review and practice. To begin getting ready for the written portion of the test, start reviewing your manuals, including movement principles, lectures, families of exercises and exercises on each piece of equipment. You will have a 1 hour written and 1 hour practical test, during which you will teach a student a full session of all the exercises from the practical that you received when you registered for the test out.

Personal Sessions

Students can count any classes or Pilates personal training session they have already taken. Developing and committing to a personal Pilates practice is an essential part of becoming an effective and inspiring teaching.

Observation Hours

Observation hours include watching experienced instructors teach group classes or private sessions. Observation is a great way to understand verbal and manual cueing, program sequencing and to hone your teaching skills.

Student Rate

Center of Balance offers discount rates for students who are actively enrolled in the full training program (Mat, Reformer and Apparatus) at Center of Balance. The student discount begins once a student has taken Reformer 1, Apparatus 1.

Cancellation Policies

Please contact Balanced Body Education for cancellation policies.

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