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Movement Integrity with Tom McCook 2018


Pilates & Franklin Method
Advanced Workshop Series for Pilates Teachers

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Pelvis, Legs & Feet

May 19, 2018

The Thoracic Spine, Shoulder Girdle & Neck

September 15, 2018

Understand, embody and improve your ability to assist positive change in yourself and others! These advanced workshops for Pilates instructors are an opportunity to upgrade your own movement practice and well-being and your effectiveness as a teacher of movement and health.

You will learn to embody and teach the bone rhythms and muscle activation of the body in combination with Pilates Repertoire and corrective exercises. This way of teaching movement will expand your understanding and ability to improve function and give you amazing tools to assist your clients in life long wellness. PMA CECs provided!

Each session will include:

  • An interactive Franklin Method lesson on the bone rhythms and muscle/facial systems with direct application to relevant exercises in the Pilates environment
  • Effective tools for tension release, improved posture, movement efficiency, and conditioning
  • Movements and assessments in 3 planes of motion to improve posture, the gait cycle in relationship to the feet and being in gravity
  • Muscle activation exercises
  • Hands-on skills and effective cuing
  • Practice time and feedback
  • Mobility and corrective exercises
  • Resistance Stretching
  • Breathing and concentration exercises
  • How to integrate imagery into your teaching and movement practice
  • Skillful progressions on the Mat, Reformer, Wall Unit, CoreAlign, Bodhi and Chair

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Franklin Method & Pilates Workshop with Tom McCook

Ballone im Korper farbig wm webCreating a Strong Core and Fluid Spine
with the Franklin Method & Pilates

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Friday, February 23

Experience the amazing design of your spine and core, and learn how to keep it youthful for life! We'll combine a Franklin Method lesson on the Spine and Core with Pilates Mat exercises to improve function, efficiency, strength and posture and learn how to get the most from our movement practice.

• Learn the dynamic relationship of the spine and core in optimal alignment using imagery, touch and movement.

• Experience and understand the specific mechanics of the spine, where movement happens and what affects its movement potential. This will also greatly improve your assessment skills.

• Learn to use effective cuing based on the actual human design and what science says is most useful to improve the learning process.

• Embody through practice what muscles need in order to function optimally.

• Learn the fascial relationships of the core to the lower back, pelvis and spine.

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Meditation with Juliet Tablak

Mondays, 5 - 5:30pm


Free - Everyone welcome!

Join us and be still! The class is open to everyone to cultivate a personal meditation practice and to sit with others in community. Juliet creates a space for each person to be with their own meditation practice, offering some gentle guidance to lead the sit.

Join us in helping to create a more peaceful world for all!  In 1959, the founder of Transcendental Meditation Maharishi Mahesh said that he believed the world could be transformed if just 1% of the world’s population practiced meditation. In 1975, the results of the first scientific research on meditation were announced and found that in twelve American cities where 1% of the population was practicing meditation, there was a statistically significant decrease in crime rates.

100% Donation - Everyone Welcome!

The charge for the class is donation-only and 100% will go to a charity called Dancin Power.  Dancin Power’s mission is to improve and enhance the quality of life of hospitalized children through movement-based creative expression, music and dance!

Pilates & Franklin Method Chair Workshop with Tom McCook

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Join Tom for a complete, full body, balanced set of the Pilates Chair Repertoire combined with Franklin Method techniques! In this 1 hour workshop, Tom McCook will take you through a complete, full body, balanced set of the Pilates Chair repertoire. You’ll learn proper chair set up, movement and skillful hands-on cuing for each exercise. You will also learn ways to help your clients better organize their bodies and minds, applying proper form for efficiency and an overall positive movement experience. Complimenting the Pilates Chair work, Tom will blend in a Franklin Method lesson on the hip joint to improve function, posture and movement potential. This is a valuable continuing education workshop that can help you bring a fresh approach to designing exciting new mind-body conditioning programs for your clients!

Cost: $39

Order Tom's online workshop from Fusion Pilates!

Pilates & Franklin Method Shoulder & Spine Workshop with Tom McCook

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fusion-pilates-edu-logo1In this workshop with Tom McCook you will gain experiential knowledge and practical understanding of the relationship between the spine and the shoulder girdle in movement to support healthy movement and life-long well being. Tom will blend a Franklin Method lesson on the Spine and Shoulder Girdle with related Pilates equipment repertoire for optimal learning and skill development. This workshop will help you to understand movement and effective cuing in a whole new way! You’ll expand your understanding through touch, movement and lecture, the bone and muscle relationships of the shoulder girdle and spine. Specifically, where movement actually happens in the spine and how to use touch, imagery and movement to improve function. This is essential for tension release, postural improvements, strength, flexibility and greater efficiency of movement. We will combine the lessons with related Franklin Method ball exercises, corrective mat exercises and Pilates repertoire on the Tower, Reformer and Chair for health and performance. These is essential learning for both students and teachers lifelong wellness. CECs available!

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The instructors' knowledge of the human body and the way it works is truly incredible.

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