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Join Balanced Body and Pilates instructors from around the world for this 24 hour global event! At Balanced Body, they believe movement changes lives. And they want to support you, the international Pilates community, during this unprecedented time when all of us are affected by the pandemic. As Pilates professionals, we have a positive impact on everyone you touch. Our goal is to bring the community together to breathe, connect and learn for 24 hours worldwide! We appreciate everything you do, every day, to keep people moving. This is your time to stretch, dance and (yes, maybe even) sing - to benefit each other and Unicef in protecting and supporting children and families affected by COVID-19 globally. Pilates Around the World is for YOU!

For more information and to register, visit Balanced Body's website at:

Tom McCook (hour 10)
Centering, Mindful Movement and Meditation

May 29, 11:00 PM GMT | 4:00 PM PDT | 4:00 PM (CA)
In this class with Tom McCook, he will guide you through an embodied experience to come into the life of our body, release tension, align with gravity and feel into our interconnectedness. After a mindful movement practice to open, connect and align, we’ll center our somatic awareness (soma meaning our body, mind and spirit in its wholeness) to cultivate our attention and connect it to what’s important. We’ll complete the session with a meditation to deepen the experience of practicing good medicine in support of being our best selves in service to the world.

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$24 for 24 hours!
ALL ticket sales go to Unicef


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I love feeling the changes in my body in such a short time!

Cheryl H

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