Wednesday, January 20, 2010
6pm - 7:30pm

Donated $600!

Please join us for Tom's 6pm class on January 20, which will be dedicated to the relief and rebuilding efforts underway in Haiti after the devastating earthquake on January 12. We will donate 100% of the money collected for class to Oxfam America in support of its on-the-ground work.

Payment for the January 20 class can be made either by deducting sessions from your class card, or by cash/check/credit card. Students may also contribute additional donations, which we will send with our contribution.

Urgent Water & Sanitation Services Needed

Oxfam has been involved in community development in Haiti for three decades and has a staff of approximately 200 people in the country, including a group of highly-experienced emergency specialists. This emergency team is supporting rescue efforts, assessing the damage, and responding with public health, water, and sanitation services to prevent the spread of waterborne disease. Of all international aid groups working in Haiti, Oxfam was appointed to coordinate initial efforts to deliver water and sanitation services. The relief challenges underway are enormous and will require substantial international support now and for weeks and months to come.

Oxfam America is an international development and disaster-relief organization, dedicated to creating lasting solutions to hunger, poverty and social injustice around the world. Because Oxfam works with local partners and focuses on long-term aid, it is also able to respond quickly and effectively to disasters and focus on rebuilding communities.