Dear friends and family,


Brody passed away Tuesday morning, October 14, 2008 at age 11. We woke up to find him laying peacefully on the couch in the same position he is in every morning — no signs of struggle or stress. I could not have imagined a kinder way to depart. And though my heart aches, I know he had a great life, stayed happy and healthy all the way to the end. He lived some 8 months after his emergency in February, when it was revealed that he had a heart-based tumor. Longer than the Vet had predicted, it was a gift to have had this special time with him.


A gentle giant, Brody embodied sweet tenderness. He let children climb on him, little dogs nip at him, and even befriended cats if they’d let him. Whenever Tom and I got into a tense discussion, Brody would get up and leave the room — he reminded us to be kind with each other.

Brody pranced when we prepared his food, so excited for the same meal every time. He also knew how to laugh. I can’t explain it, it was silent yet clearly laughter. He was shy to kiss, but every once in a while in a tender moment, he would sneak in a lick and then turn his head away as if embarrassed. He didn’t beg for food and would not steal off the table. But as soon as we left him alone at home, Brody bin Laden would terrorize anything we accidently left on the counter or pantry. Once he ate a full package of cookie mix, plastic and all — no pretty results there. He basically let us know that he didn’t want to be left alone.


So, he became my constant companion, hiking partner, best pal. Whether I worked from home or at our Pilates and Yoga studio, he came along with me. Brody became Center of Balance’s unofficial greeter. He brought a calm energy to the studio and in return received so much love from the community. He strategically timed the end of mat class and would sprawl out at the front door so everyone would either have to step over him or stop to give him a pat - he was no dummy.

When Tom and I adopted Brody 8 1/2 years ago from Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue, we couldn’t have imagined how deep a friendship we would share with him. There’s a lot of profound lessons to learn from these guys if you’re open to them, most importantly how to love with an open heart.

Much love to you,
Karen & Tom