September 14, 2000
Karen hugging a koala

We arrived in Sydney yesterday afternoon and have settled into our rented home quite nicely. Located in the Homebush district, we're walking-distance close to the enormous Olympic park, which architecturally looks very interesting. You can really feel the Olympic energy here and that we're a part of something very momentous.

Our 5 housemates are also here to support the women's swim team, offering expertise in the areas of nutrition, lymphatic massage, kinesiology, and chiropractics — a secret arsenal to help bring home the medals!

A lot of preparation is underway for opening ceremonies. So far, we've enjoyed two beautiful (but oddly timed) fireworks practice sessions. This morning, we were blasted awake at 6:00am. But watching brilliant displays of light from the comfort of bed isn't so bad!

Tom feeding kangaroos

On our last day in Brisbane, we stole away for a few hours on a quiet river cruise to visit the world's largest Koala sanctuary. Lone Pine is one of the few remaining places where you can cuddle a Koala, perhaps the sweetest creature on earth! Karen's heart is still melted.

We leave you with a couple photos from our visit with the wonderful marsupials we befriended.

Karen and Tom

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