September 19, 2000

Misty Hyman back stage after winning GoldWe wrote the title of this entry before the Women's 200 Butterfly even took place! All of our intuitions foretold of Misty's exciting win. The unexpected for so many was just what we were betting on - 2 seconds faster than her personal best, an Olympic Record and a Gold Medal. Misty had escaped media attention and public discussion before tonight, making her the dark horse and darling all at once. Isn't she adorable?!

Our other title for tonight's entry is "Jenny and Misty — the Golden Girls." We may be biased but tonight's dominant highlights were Misty's Gold in the Fly and Jenny's dramatic last leg to capture the Gold for the US in the 4X200 Freestyle Relay — both Olympic Records! Because of them, we heard the national anthem twice this evening.

They did it! What an emotional high!

Misty Hyman wins GoldThe Aussies were shocked tonight, especially with Misty's victory over their Madame Butterfly, Susie O'Neill. But hats off to Susie for her stamina. She swims in more events than probably any other athlete at these Olympics!

Tomorrow promises to be another action-filled evening of finals. Jenny, Dara and Inge deBruijn face off in the 100 Free, with Inge having broken the World Record tonight.

More greatness to come!

Karen and Tom

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