Group Equipment sessions at Center of Balance offer specialized lessons in an intimate setting. Our groups are a great way to get all the benefits of high-level mindful movement education and fitness, taught by our skilled teachers with years of experience. We focus on what's most useful to create balance based on modern lifestyle to help you develop a functionally fit and resilient body!

Our studio is equipped to give you a full equipment experience, with an array of props and equipment (Reformer, Wall Unit, Chair, Arc & CoreAlign), so you will learn the vast options of Pilates and CoreAlign exercises, how to use your body better, and focus your mind for improved health and fitness.

We organize groups so students are at compatible levels of fitness and understanding of the exercises. Because each group is limited in size, you'll get individualized attention.  Plus, groups are fun and motivating, since you develop an ongoing relationship with your instructor and the other students in your group!

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Group Descriptions

For the most benefit to you, we organize our group sessions with students who are at compatible levels of fitness and understanding of the repertoire. Here is a general description of each group level:

Level 1

Level 1 sessions emphasize proper body positioning and good movement mechanics as students practice fundamental and Level 1 exercises for a full body workout This group is open to students with some experience, and who are injury-free.

Level 2

Level 2 sessions practice beginning and intermediate exercises. You'll also get a complete body workout, with increased challenges and a more varied repertoire from Level 1 sessions.

Level 3

Level 3 sessions move into more advanced movements. Students build on level 2 exercises with an even greater demand for body/mind focus. These sessions will challenge and invigorate, expanding your awareness and creating a new level of conditioning and ability.


If you’re interested in joining a CoreAlign or Pilates equipment group, please schedule an Initial Session with one of our instructors who will work with you to develop a program to best meet your individual needs and goals. We suggest our Welcome Package as a great way to get started. To give you optimum results and a thorough understanding of our work, we generally require a minimum of 3 - 5 private sessions prior to joining a group.

Pricing for Group Sessions (50 Minute)

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Group sessions are by appointment only. To further support your learning experience and development, we reserve your standing space in the group on an ongoing basis. You may join a wait list for any group that is full — we will contact you whenever a spot opens up!


As with all scheduled appointments, please allow a minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice or there will be a full service charge.

Groups Schedule (By Appointment)

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