Pilates Teacher Training

Pilates Certification with Tom McCook for Balanced Body

Center of Balance has been a leading Pilates teacher training center since 2001, with full mat and equipment courses taught by Tom McCook for Balanced Body. The Center of Balance & Balanced Body Program offers courses that are modular and progressive, allowing students to build on their education and training.

CoreAlign Teacher Training


Learn the latest innovation in functional movement education! A significant addition to a Pilates studio or personal training practice, CoreAlign training aims to stimulate the central nervous system to govern challenging natural whole-body-movements while creating a blend of flexibility, stability, strength and control. This teacher training program through Balanced Body is recommended for Pilates instructors, movement educators and Physical Therapists who are looking to expand their skills and tools for working with different client populations. All courses are directed by Tom McCook at Center of Balance.

Franklin Method Training

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Take your movement potential, teaching, and health to the next level! Experience the Franklin Method approaches of Imagery - the key body/mind skill - Experiential Anatomy and Reconditioning Movement. You will learn about the basics of Imagery in all its applications. Especially the bone-rhythms of the body and how the bones naturally move inside your body to produce efficient and effortless movement. Plus, we cover fundamentals such as biomechanics, posture and breathing.


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