meditationwebTom McCook’s distinctive approach to Life Coaching includes movement of the body, and meditation, as well as coaching. He strongly believes that real life change occurs through mindfulness, and that the body and spirit must be a part of the process. His intention with coaching work is to help you create greater freedom and fulfillment in life, and to develop tools for creating change when necessary.

Tom offers private sessions in Life Coaching, as well as a 3-month program, “Embodying a Balanced Life,” for individuals looking to create positive change. The course combines mindful movement, meditation and Life Coaching, giving you an opportunity to balance your body, relax and focus your mind, and then look at your life to develop a plan for creating momentum and personal balance. It’s a holistic approach, offered in a group setting so you can reflect with one another and support each other’s processes.

To schedule a session with Tom, or to learn more about “Embodying a Balanced Life,” please call the studio at (650) 967-6414 or email Tom directly at

Some benefits of Life Coaching include:

  • Improved outlook on life
  • Tension release
  • Improved focus and purpose
  • Increased personal balance
  • Deeper sense of peace and happiness
  • Cultivation of a meditation practice
  • Enhanced movement ability
  • Useful tools for life!