Pre-natalOur pre and post-natal work is designed to help keep your body balanced, supple and healthy during pregnancy, right up to giving birth, and post-partum as soon as your Doctor gives the OK to resume exercise. We have extensive experience with pre and post-natal clients who have reported enjoyable pregnancies, easier birthing processes, and faster recoveries, thanks to a focused Pilates and movement practice.

We recommend that you work one-on-one with an instructor who can help develop an appropriate program for you and give you the personal attention you need. Through private training, our instructors can also work with you to develop a home program and give you helpful modifications for exercises you can do while attending class, as well as for day to day activities.

Periodically, we offer Pre-Natal Pilates groups based on demand and teacher availability. If you are interested in joining a pre-natal group, please contact us!

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