Tom McCook and group at Maya Tulum Retreat 2004

Join us for one of our inspiring getaway retreats! Led by Tom and Karen, our retreats are set in beautiful locations to help you unwind, reconnect with yourself and others, immerse yourself in meaningful mind/body activities, and explore the natural surroundings. With hands-on teaching and encouragement, you will broaden, accelerate and enrich your daily practice in a supportive group setting. Classes led by Tom incorporate Pilates, yoga, Franklin Method, meditation and breathwork.

Retreats are a great opportunity to gain useful insight and experiential understanding of your body, and to expand your movement potential in a healthy way. For newcomers, retreats are an excellent way to safely develop skills and awareness to establish a balanced practice. You’ll return home feeling refreshed, vibrant and full of enthusiasm!

  • Expand your understanding of wellness.
  • Become more skillful in dealing with challenges in your body by learning useful techniques.
  • Improve your ability to self-correct.
  • Learn to trust and love your body, and treat it well.
  • Have fun with other like-minded people!

Please inquire about upcoming retreats!

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The instructors' knowledge of the human body and the way it works is truly incredible.

Alison F

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