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Experience the innovation! We're excited to be one of the first studios to introduce the CoreAlign System to our movement program in 2010. Developed by Jonathan Hoffman, P.T. of Tel Aviv, Israel, the CoreAlign system emphasizes upright exercises and is designed to improve balance and posture, restore healthy movement, increase function, and offer a challenging workout.

At Center of Balance, CoreAlign is an important element of our program and teaching. CoreAlign exercises resemble movements in life, like walking and running, which give instant feedback and get you to turn your body on. You’ll address common imbalances in areas of the body — lower back, hips, legs, spine — which can result from our modern lifestyle of too much sitting.

The CoreAlign unit, produced by Balanced Body, is the only one of its kind consisting of two independent carriages that move with smooth resistance (or assistance) from attached flexible tubing. Resistance / assistance is possible in one or both directions, offering hundreds of functional movement exercises.

CoreAlign is an effective tool for people rehabilitating from injury, older adults developing a safe exercise regime, as well as for athletes and exercise enthusiasts for their performance enhancement.


Some of the benefits of the CoreAlign System include:

  • Core stabilization and strengthening
  • Performance enhancement
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Effective feedback loop for muscle engagement and self-correction
  • Tension release
  • Improved posture and spinal alignment
  • Increased movement potential

Private & Group Sessions

We offer private sessions and small group sessions on the CoreAlign, as a stand-alone practice or integrated with a Pilates program. If you are interested in CoreAlign groups, we recommend taking 3-5 private sessions for assessment and skill development before joining a compatible group. Try our Welcome Package to jumpstart your practice!

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Introductory Workshops

In addition to privates and groups, we offer introductory workshops throughout the year. They are designed to teach you fundamental exercises and help you make key connections in your body for an improved movement experience in your sessions. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of proper body mechanics, alignment, breathing, and core activation, which is relevant to virtually every activity you do!