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groupReformerAt Center of Balance, we teach Pilates from the perspective of conscious exercise and movement re-education. This means paying full attention with your mind, breath and body while you are exercising. Our intention is for you to get the most benefit from your movement practices, and develop a more intelligent and balanced body.

Regardless of your age or fitness level, our skilled instructors work with you to cultivate a personalized program based on your goals, issues or injuries. We recommend beginning with private sessions so you get the most out of Pilates to benefit any exercise approach, sport or activity that you do. We will work with you to create and maintain a successful personal practice — for fitness enhancement, rehabilitation from injury, and/or pre- & post-partum conditioning.

PilatesBased on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates, this complete system of exercise strengthens and stretches muscles, and promotes coordination and awareness. It focuses the mind to work with the body. Involving full body participation, movements originate from the core of the body outward. Pilates is practiced on the floor (mat) and with special spring-loaded equipment (Reformer, Wall Unit, Chair) that simulate the mechanics of human muscle tension, helping to develop strength, stability, graceful and efficient movement and breath control. The body and mind become light, lifted and energized!

Some of the benefits of Pilates include:

  • Improved core strength
  • Full-body muscle development
  • Long, lean muscle tone
  • Trim and more fit appearance
  • Improved posture and alignment
  • Expanded options for cross-training
  • Increased flexibility and strength
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mind/body awareness

Private Sessions

For optimum results, we recommend practicing Pilates a minimum of two or three times per week, whether in a private, group, class or home setting. Our instructors will help you determine the best plan for you to get the most out of your training. Private sessions are available by appointment by calling the studio at (650) 967-6414.

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Pilates Equipment Groups

Owen teaching Pilates workshop

After your initial private sessions, one option is to join an ongoing equipment group that offers personal attention in a small group setting. In groups, you will learn the vast options of Pilates exercises, how to use your body better, and focus your mind for improved health and fitness. Plus, groups are fun and motivating, since you develop an ongoing relationship with your instructor and the other students in your group!

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Mat Classes

We also offer mat classes in Pilates, as well as Pilates & Yoga combo classes. Mat classes are a solid workout and a safe, effective way to become more fit and flexible. Plus, they’re a great option for maintaining a consistent movement practice with our convenient lunchtime, evening and Saturday morning schedule. All of our classes are drop-in and open to all levels — instructors offer modifications for those who are beginning and variations for more advanced students. In this way, we can have all levels in class. If you have any injuries or movement limitations, we highly recommend taking private sessions for assessment and guidance before taking mat class.

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Introductory Workshops

In addition to privates, groups and mat classes, we periodically offer introductory workshops and 5-week intensives throughout the year. They are designed to teach you fundamental exercises and help you make key connections in your body for an improved movement experience in your sessions. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of proper body mechanics, alignment, breathing, and core activation, which is relevant to virtually every activity you do!